Paintability Inc.

Industrial Coating

  • Equipped with both Conventional, Airless, and Electrostatic Spray System.
  • Over 15 years experience with a wide variety of industrial and protective coatings.
  • Can accommodate any specification from enamel to the highest offshore coating systems.
  • Able to provide in-house documentation of coating application including blast profile readings, environmental conditions, and DFT readings upon request.

Industrial coatings most common use is for corrosion control of steel or concrete by acting as a buffer against acids, alkyd's, impact areas and like. The most common polymers used in industrial coatings are polyurethane, epoxy and moisture cure urethane. NACE and SSPC are professional organizations involved in the industrial coatings industry. A complete coating system may include a primer, the coating, and a sealant/top-coat.

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